Argentina, everything you need to know about Volunteering and Life in Buenos Aires

Argentina, Everything You Need To Know About Volunteering And Life In Buenos Aires

Argentina, everything you need to know about Volunteering and Life in Buenos Aires

Volunteering abroad is a great way of combining travelling, optimal cultural experience and work experience. The best part of it is you can do it anywhere in the world! If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone, to live an experience through others and feel an immense amount of fulfillment volunteering is for you.

 The world is a complicated place, and some places more than others need the extra hand. There is a wide range of things you can do to make a difference and anything you do counts. For instance Argentina suffers a lot from the lack of education of their youth and the consequences are dreadful; criminality never ceases to increase, poverty is at every corner, women’s rights are not taken seriously and entire families are living in the street generation after generation. Thankfully local and national NGO’s however big or small are working every day to improve this situation across the continent. The Argentinian culture is one of family, deep-rooted traditions founded on respect and helping your neighbor. Young professionals, students, elderlies, children all get together for the cause and in hope of making a difference.

 Throughout the entire year you can join the largest South American NGO who organizes action programs which you can take part of for a day, a week, a month or even a year. All you have to do is pay for your transportation costs, which generally in South America are cheap. As for accommodation have a look at, they are an international accommodation platform for students and young professionals (or anyone really) which offer the possibility to retract from your room 48H after moving in if you are not happy, and refund the payment you do for the first month. This is especially convenient for people coming from far away who want to secure an accommodation before hand but don’t want to worry about not liking it and having to deal with landlords which in Argentina are often hard to communicate with. You can also join smaller more local NGO’s; Fundacion Kine Cultural y Educativa and Minkai Trabajo Solidario both based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Minkai was created by students who believed that everyone deserved the right to an education and the chance to make a future for themselves, and now gather funding’s and manage the organization of three yearly trips during which 200 people come together to build a school in some of the poorest areas in Argentina. Fundación Kine is a group of people who are studying or are already working in the film production industry who organize weekly workshops dedicated to ameliorating youth education and development through the means of audio vision. They are able to show the different means through which the children are able to gather information all the whilst talking about important current affaires.

 There are many other NGO’s and many other countries that need help out there. Volunteering abroad is an unforgettable experience, not only do you get the chance of helping people but there is no better way of learning a culture. You will be welcomed with open arms into the lives of people that will forever change yours. Teaching you how to appreciate the ones who love you and how to love them in return as they are the most precious and only things you can depend on, as for them. Proving that when you remove the sense of competition and self-satisfaction the world is a better place in which people are kind and considerate of each other’s feelings and personal backgrounds. Showing you a different side of the human behavior. These experiences change you as a person, you become less judgmental when you come out of your comfort zone and notice the difficulties, which people are going through in their own. This creates a deep sense of empathy amongst us and contributes to the development of connection between people, at which point we are not only physically helping each other but also contributing to uplifting moral, spreading hope that good things will come through taking the time to listen, understand and help each other.

 If you feel like this is the kind of therapy you need from the world then book your volunteering experience, take a deep breath and don’t worry about planning and the small details. Volunteering is better done when by seeing the big picture and deciding what you want to take from this experience. There is such a wide choice of options, as to where you can go and which NGO you can join and be sure that no one will ever say no to a kind outreach to help. So stay humble, get rid of your perceptions and opinions and let yourself be carried away with what a culture has to offer and the love you will find in people.

 Furthermore, Argentina is wonderful country with an infinite amount of places to see and things to do. Starting with its capital, Buenos Aires. A MUST is eating from ‘Parillas’, Argentina is known for its unbelievable meet and if you want to get the best meat (seriously, no 5 star restaurant has this meet) for the least amount of money go to a Parilla. They might look a like dodgy from the outside but they are held by locals who know how to pick their meet cuts. If you like wondering around and getting lost in order to find out more about the city Buenos Aires is the place to be, it is a massive city with many different neighborhoods. Start with Palermo, this hipster area is full is bars, restaurants and cute cafes. We strongly recommend Rey De Copas if you are looking for a nice bar to have dinner, wine and or great cocktails it also has a rooftop terrace with amazing views of Buenos Aires, if you are looking for a relax big group of friends vibe type of restaurant go to Las Cabras. Still around Palermo go along a street called ‘Gorriti’ definitely one of the cutest streets in town, at the end of it you will find the cutest French café quite unoriginally called ‘Paul’. But this just one area, you should also have a walk alone Puerto Madero, see the old market in la Recolleta and last but definitely not least don’t forget Boca to find out everything there is too know about Tango and its history.

 But what is most incredible in Argentina is everything it has to offer, you would never think that you could find so many different types of landscapes, and eco-systems as in Argentina. The south of full of rocky mountains and hidden lacks, there is in fact a 10 day roadtrip called ‘El Camino de los ocho lagos’ which goes through all major locations in the south of Argentina such as El Chalten and Calafate, conversely don’t forget to visit one of the biggest national parks the north called ‘Iguazu’ where you will see the most mesmerizing waterfalls. Overall Argentina cannot be a disappointing experience; there is stuff to do for everyone. One tip is to make sure you check the weather forecast of all the places you visit as Argentina can do from 0 to 40 depending where you are and what time of year you go.


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